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Do you want just want the basics of business or do you desire something more?

I bet if you really ask yourself, you want  and energy shift, elevated changes, and you want to bring back the part of your business that you have lost, or that has remained lost to you for years. Now is the time to be embarking on the journey of your life, today, and I want you to have that, and more. Ask for the gift of creating something with me. Nudge your business through a simple or intense strategy session that will take away the blinders, and open everything up to possibilities.

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I am the best facilitator to change your conscious awareness of your limitations

My job as your coach, is to look, question and unravel that which is stuck within. It could be fine-tuning your brand, or fine-tuning your energy. Regardless, I provide you with the tools to make it as easy, as joyful, and as aligned to your glory as it can be. If you desire it, we can rewire for it. If you want simplicity, this is the place for you. I offer consulting options for your business, and you may even partner with mine. Sometimes as we are training, it just happens, like a spark. When that happens, feel free to jump right in.

Your Business Needs Optimized!! YOUR BRAIN FORMS ITS FIRST IMPRESSION in 50 milliseconds. You not only need to understand and be able to develop your content marketing strategy, but you need the tips and tricks to create a successful following. This course includes: Content Crash Course Workbook Visual Marketing Creative Content Magic Training

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brand designs

An ideal start for a quick, actionable and holistic approach to figure those issues you’ve been sitting on for months, maybe years and move forward with something in your business.

how to launch

This simple tool has helped over 8,500+ health coaches and aromatherapists start rocking their own business, attract new clients, and begin making real money!

nourished warriors

Team of amazing men and women working towards the goal of nourishing the globe... one family at a time.

self-driven courses

These self-paced courses allow you to get a taste of working with my coaching style, without the coaching price-tag. Personal development is available to everyone, so what else is possible?

holistic approaches

I work with a variety of holistic modalities due to my varied certification and diplomas in fitness, nutrition, energy healing, holism and within the scope of my professional licensing.

events and training

Watch for upcoming events in your area, or online. Everything from free intuitive readings, to my highly popular Bombshell Boot Camps.

Nourished Work

I coach others in both nutrition, and as a leader of a direct sales organization called the Nourished Warriors.
As the creator of the Paleo Vegeo lifestyle I believe that it's very important to find what works best for you, nutritionally. I call this your Nutritional Truth.

Ease Of Branding

It should be, and can be, very easy to develop your website, your brand logo, and determine what the brand of you is, and of course LAUNCH. However my best share is  the tools and tricks to start making money, so that you can get customers in the door, rather than just walking by.

strategy Sessions

Sometimes it can be complicated to figure out what your brand is, when you don't quite have yourself figured out. We have 'shiny syndrome' because these items spark something in our hearts. The trick is to figure out what it is, and how to create a business out of it. For multipassionistas, and the dudes in wellness, this is what I have been doing for years.

done for you

Why did you get into health coaching in the first place? Let me introduce you to something so amazing that you will geek out in excitement!

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intuitive readings

 I am what they call an intuitive as well as being an empath. Part of what I love to do, with my energy, is read your energy and pass on messages. Sometimes I do this live on FB, or via appt.

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retreats & events

Both online and offline events happen with the Bija Coaching team all of the time. I will be posting more events on Facebook to make it easier to attend.



Approaching your lifestyle with nature at the core is  now available. These are courses that have been created from my heart. From exploring aromatherapy, to changing the way you approach nutrition.  It's time to learn and grow together.