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access bars

What if you had a map of the points to access in order to unlock the thoughts, feelings and emotions we have stored over lifetimes? Access Bars is an energetic process involving 32 specific points on the head. These points can be initiated by light touch or in close proximity to the head. This process is passive where the practitioner or giver of the process does not send energy to the points but acts through the activation process to release stuck energies of thoughts, feelings and emotions, limitations, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that can relate to various aspects of a persons life. In releasing this stuck energy during an Access Bars session, the mind is reported to become calmer and have more clarity and less stress, proven by clinical study using self report measures, quantitative electroencephalogram QEEG) and sLORETA. learn more and find out if energy sessions are for you

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As a Reiki Master trained to support and educate in the full Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki modalities, I have seen amazing things happen for others. This energy isn't just in this room, it is in everything, and can be sent over time, space and all distance.