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holistic business

What is it that you have been dying to create. What could you do if there was no obstacles? If you don't contribute now, when will you?

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It’s time to move in a direction that gives you total alignment in life! You are here on this page for a reason. Could this be a fit for you?


Energy is everything that we are, what is around us, and where we connect to. To learn, or allow energy into your life is a beautiful awakening..

about bija coaching

With a lifetime of intuitive work, over forty years of self-healing biohacking, twenty years of design, and decades of management of small companies to Fortune 500s, and network marketing teams. I see Bija Coaching as the passion of my life. I am an Energy Creation Coach and the Creator of the Paleo Vegeo Lifestyle. I use Nutrition, Aroma and Frequency healing to create for you the life you desire. Learn more

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brand designs

An ideal start for a quick, actionable and wholistic approach to figure those issues you’ve been sitting on for months, maybe years and move forward with something in your business.

how to launch

This simple tool has helped over 8,500+ health coaches and aromatherapists start rocking their own business, attract new clients, and begin making real money!

nourished warriors

Team of amazing men and women working towards the goal of nourishing the globe... one family at a time.

self-driven courses

These self-paced courses allow you to get a taste of working with my coaching style, without the coaching price-tag. Personal development is available to everyone, so what else is possible?

holistic approaches

I work with a variety of holistic modalities due to my varied certification and diplomas in fitness, nutrition, energy healing, holism and within the scope of my professional licensing.

events and trainings

Watch for upcoming events in your area, or online. Everything from free intuitive readings, to my highly popular Bombshell Bootcamps.


zoom zoomz

Why do we worry about what people think about us? Guess what...they're NOT THINKING ABOUT YOU! They are thinking about whom????? Themselves usually! Listen.... when you feel good about those you are working with, and they have been around since 1970 and are debt free...nothing to worry about. when you are working with the most medically researched nutritional product in the whole world, in over 20 countries! Nothing to worry about!

when your industry is increasing by over 600,000 people per year because people are looking for an additional stream of income. Why? Because at age 50 -75% of the population has less than $5,000 in the bank for retirement. We have a better path! when it works for anyone, and it's a clear playing field to make it to the top. That's when it becomes about getting over yourself and being a light for others. Create Wellness in A Chaotic World ...
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As a client, a customer, a dream maker, a team mate... there are so many ways that we can create something brilliant together. When we have fun, we go for everything. When we don't stop believing, we contribute to the universe. Are you resisting your business or purpose? It is time to get beyond that turtle mentality, and show up. Be magic. You are.